URounders Club is now closed. All purchases now credited to Rounder Casino

Getting Started with URounder’s Club

URounder’s club is hosted on a 3rd party application called PPPoker. While we are independently managed and run this software helps us facilitate a wide variety of games with a rich feature set for players.

You can download and play in URounder’s Club seemlessly across your Windows PC, iOS mobile device and Android mobile device all with a single user account. With that single user account you can also play up to 3 tables at once on a single device. Below are direct download links for the software based on the device you are currently using. So if you are on your iPhone clicking the iOS link will take you to the App Store product page. The windows link will start a download of the installer file. In other words… whitchever device you are using, click that link.

Getting Started with URounder’s Club

One you have the software installed on your device there are a few steps you should go through.  These are important to follow since it is a private club and you want to make sure your application is accepted! For help with any steps along the way just message us since we are available 24/7 to assist you!

Step 1) Create Account

When the application first opens you should register your account. Start by tapping the “Register/Log in” button highlighted in red.

Step 2) Click Register

To register a new account simply tap the “Register” button highlighted in the image above.

Step 3) Enter a Screen Name & Password

This screen name is for login only, you do not have to make it the same as your in game player name.

Step 4) Click Register

Self explainitory step wink

Step 5) Welcome!

Step 6) Skip Turorial (for now)

You can go back to the tutorial later but for now let’s skip it and get the important things sorted out!

Step 7) Profile

Next we will be making your profile feel like it’s yours! This also helps us make sure you’re a real person and get accepted into the club when you apply cool

Step 8) Screen Name

This is where you can go to edit your screen name, avatar image, courntry, and perform other account management tasks. We will just go through a couple of them.

Step 9) Change Nickname

Your Nickname is what players at the table will see. Make it fun!

Step 10) Change Avatar

Here you can either pick from a set of avatars provided by the software or, if you are on a mobile device you can pick something custom. If you go the custom option please make sure it is something appropriate!

Step 11) Link E-Mail

Now is a good time to make sure you don’t lose your account with no backup plan for recovery. Click the settings icon.

Step 11) Continued...

This part just requires you to verify your email address with a code.

Step 12) Back to the homepage

You can find your homepage button here at the bottom of most screens when using the app.

Step 13) Time To Join The Club

Now we get to the important part! Joining the club only takes a couple steps and as long as you have followed these steps you will get in within a couple minutes!

Step 14) Apply

URounder’s Club ID is 507187 – This is the number you need to enter to get into our club. If somone refered you as an agent or requested you put a number in when you apply the lower field is for that. If you have no idea what i am talking about just ignore it laughing

Step 15) Club Verification

I expect many of you are getting here from our Cardplayer advertisements. If so you can just put that in here, if not just say how you discovered our club!

Application Accepted!

After you apply you should see this message and a note via the in app mail (top right) of your acceptence to the club.  If more than 5 minutes pass and you have not been accepted contact us or use live chat so we can sort things out.


You are an official member of URounder’s Club. You can play in our Freerolls or buy some chips to play our cash games & Multi-Table Tournaments!